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I am Prince Fernando, a professional Graphic Designer, 3D Visualizer and Graphic Animator specialized in all forms of Computer Generated Imagery. I do research type work from my own design studio; 3D DATA LABS, where I enjoy collaborating with companies of all sizes all over the world. Thank you for looking my profile. I use my twelve years of experience in the design profession to help clients increase their profits through better attraction and retention of their ideal customers (See portfolio below). I'm fast and efficient and my works are always well organized and clean. I do both 2D & 3D, innovative logo design, graphic design, video animation/film and occasionally a full-featured website (like this one!). I'm a maestro in using Adobe CS6 products: Photoshop & Illustrator for Graphic Design, After Effects & Media Encoder for Animated Film/ Presentations, Dreamweaver for HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL coding & other engaging content. I possess extensive knowledge in advanced 3d modeling, uv mapping, texturing, lighting, rendering & post-production. I write MAXScripts as well. Back when I still had some spare time I also played Minecraft a lot.

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1. Graphic Design & Visualisation

4. Animated Video Presentation

  • 01. Animated Video Presentation
  • 02. Product Explainer Video
  • WXGAqHD03. Company Profile Video
  • 04. Animated Product Presentation

5. Interactive 360 Product Display

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My portfolio covers logo design, graphic design, 3d visualization and animated video/ presentaions. I've worked with individuals, small and medium size companies. Architects, designers, engineers, marketing managers and many others found my services useful. I'm fast and efficient and my works are always well organized and clean. I also can render your projects at photo-realistic quality, on time and within your budget.

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I usually prefer a small diposit to start working on your project but if you are a returning client or a registered organisation or a business owner with reasonable online presence, then no need of a diposit. You can send me your 2d logo, sketch, drawing, floorplan, CAD or any engineering files and required instructions as input. My fee is payable in two stages. When paying, use your preferred payment method including Paypal.

The most awesome clients..

Notice: Please be informed that the contact details of our clients are only to be taken as information.

  • iNet Telecoms Ltd. (U.K)

    iNet Telecoms Limited (Voipfone),
    Sovereign House,
    227 Marsh Wall,
    London, E14 9SD,
    United Kingdom.
    Ph: 020 7043 5555

    Info: Voipfone is an award winning telephone service - ITSPA Best Business VoIP Provider 2013 and renowned for its innovative Internet Telephone Services using the technologies of VoIP.

  • Orca Dynamics Ltd. (Canada)

    Orca Dynamics Limited,
    2647 Turner Street,
    Victoria BC V8T 4T8,

    Ph: 250 595-8504

    Info: Orca Dynamics Ltd. is a Vancouver Island POS systems company providing tier one hospitality, retail, liquor control systems. They carry some of the top point of sale (POS) solutions in the world.

  • National Airways Corporation Ltd.

    National Airways Corporation (Pty) Limited,
    Hangar 105C, Gate 15,
    Lanseria Airport,
    South Africa.
    Ph: +27 11 267 5050

    Info: Since its inception in 1946, National Airways Corporation (NAC) has spread its wings to become the largest general aviation company in Africa and one of the largest of its kind in the world.

  • African Banking Corporation Ltd.

    African Banking Corporation Limited,
    ABC Bank House,
    Woodvale Groove,
    Ph: +254 (20) 4263000

    Info: ABC Bank (Kenya), whose full name is African Banking Corporation Limited, is a commercial bank in Kenya. It's an award-winning indigenous bank with 30 years of experience.

  • International Paintball Group (U.K)

    International Paintball Group,
    57 Broadway Court,
    SW19 1RG,
    United Kingdom.
    Ph: 0844 477 5155

    Info: IPG is globally the biggest paintball agency with over 115 sites in 7 countries. IPG paintball has comprehensive backround in promoting quality paintball centres around the world.

  • Frame of Mind Inc. (Canada)

    Frame of Mind Inc.,
    6150-90 Avenue,
    Ottewell Shopping Centre,

    Ph: 780-465-0534

    Info: Since 1986, Frame of Mind has been serving Edmonton and area customers by providing custom picture framing and a large assortment of unique gifts.

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